Saturday, February 6, 2010

Australia Out of Step on Emissions Trading Scheme

As the time for another vote on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Emmissions Trading Scheme approaches debate is "warming up".

From today's Australian:

AUSTRALIA is looking increasingly isolated in the global community as Kevin Rudd presses on with his government's emissions trading scheme.

US President Barack Obama admitted just two days ago he might have to abandon his proposal for emissions trading in favour of direct action in order to steer his carbon-cutting plans through the US Senate.

None of the world's top five polluters -- the US, China, Russia, India and Japan -- has an ETS

In perhaps the worst performace of any minister I have witnessed, Penny Wong managed to avoid answering ANY questions on the ETS. She was being pushed by ABC Lateline interviewer Tony Jones for the cost to consumers of increased electricity prices under scenarios ranging from a 5% cap to a 60% cap on emmissions but unfortunately for we Australians it is information that Penny Wong will not tell us. She just wants us to take the tax hikes on faith - much like her climate "science".

Read the transcript of Penny's disgraceful performance here. I urge you to read it. You will not have seen anything like it before.

Penny must think that details of her climate tax scheme are only to be available on a need to know basis. I will be one of the unfortunates paying for Penny's radical activism and I NEED TO KNOW. If the government doesn't trust us with their costings and modelling are we going to trust them to put their hand in our back pocket? Australian's are not that stupid Penny.

The only reason Penny would keep the details of costs from us is that it is going to cost AN ARM AND A LEG. Time to email, phone, write your sitting members and senators now and make sure Sneaky Penny and her delusional boss Kevin Rudd don't get their way on this one.

Could the pair of you PLEASE stop saying "Let me just say this/can I just say this" etc etc etc ad infinitum in interviews. It is nauseatting, pompous and entirely unnecessary.

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