Friday, February 19, 2010

Penny Wong signals doom for iconic beaches

It’s always doom, doom and more doom. For alarmists and their brethren, the statists, nothing short of the general population in a constant state of alarm is acceptable. An alarmed population is easily hoodwinked into voting for self imposed taxation, unemployment and massive reductions in living standards in order to be saved from the next imagined threat. From today’s Australian newspaper,

AUSTRALIA'S most iconic beaches, including Bondi, Bells and those on the Sunshine Coast, could erode away or recede by hundreds of metres over the coming century, according to Climate Change Minister Penny Wong.

But locals aren't so sure.

Bondi veteran Lee Boman has swum at the beach for more than 30 years and was adamant he had seen "no change" to the coastline over that period. "Nothing too drastic that indicates it is going to be changed in the future," said Mr Boman, 53.

Bob Carter, a geologist and environmental scientist with James Cook University in Queensland, said Senator Wong's comments appeared to be an attempt to panic the public.

Pointing to historical rates of sea level rise of an average 1.6mm per year globally over the past 100 years, Mr Carter said it was reasonable to expect a total rise of 16cm in a century.

In her opening address to the National Climate Change Forum in Adelaide yesterday, Senator Wong made some alarming predictions for Australia's coast. "Not only are our assets and environments at risk, many of our sandy beaches could erode away or recede up to hundreds of metres over the coming century," she said. "It is possible that with climate change and without large and expensive nourishment programs, Bondi Beach, (Queensland's) Sunshine Coast and (Victoria's) Bells Beach may no longer be the beaches we know today."

For Penny and her Labor mismanagers it always seems the answer is “large and expensive (nourishment) programs” with the emphasis on expensive. The only problem is they never work. How’s that "pink batt" roof insulation scheme of PM Rudd’s going Penny? Another large and expensive failure. I fail to see how setting alight the roofs of over 80 people’s houses through shoddily installed, paid for by government “pink batts” helps with global warming Penny. Then again perhaps I am just being too picky.

The only thing that needs nourishment is Penny Wong’s cluemeter. Get lost Penny, no one is listening anymore.

UPDATE: Not even the UN's top climate offical, Yvo de Boer is listening anymore. He has just announced his resignation. Read about it here on BBC News.


The Machiavellian said...

Talk about doom and gloom. NASA released a report on 2/18 that will make your head spin.

I wrote about it here:

Direct link to the paper is here:

The only solution from NASA, that I can see is to either die or live a very miserable life. : )

Charles said...

Thanks for the link! Great read Machiavellian.

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