Monday, March 15, 2010

Old white anglo male, Professor Lowe, blames world’s problems on old white anglo males

Ian Lowe emeritus professor of science, technology and society at Griffith University in Brisbane, is president of the far left Australian Conservation Foundation an extremist environmental lobby group. Ian Wishart on The Briefing Room exposes the latest ramblings of this confused old white guy during a crisis meeting with social scientists and others in New Zealand exploring ways to manipulate the public to get catastrophic man made climate fears back at the top of people’s worry list. I strongly recommend reading the original article which includes audio of Lowe and an old white female social scientist.

According to Lowe old white anglo males over 60 are the problem. These dangerous old guys need to be stopped! They are out of control. Only yesterday I saw gang of old white guys roaming the suburb smashing letterboxes and throwing half empty beer cans at passing motorists before jumping into a fossil fuel burning vehicle and doing a burn out all the way up the street. Irresponsible bastards. I spoke later to a group of middle aged brown women who agreed that old white guys were the problem. They then started screaming and wailing when I told them that it was announced yesterday by WEDO that women would be devastated by climate change.

Lowe wants the money spent on the Hadron Collider for his own purposes rubbishing the physicists in the process by claiming the collider is nothing more than a nuclear billiards machine. He is also the only scientist I have heard claim that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming. Of course there is no evidence to support this and that is why no one claims it to be so however Lowe doesn’t let nil evidence ruin a good story. See the links in this post to the actual evidence.

Lowe’s has made incorrect claims before of course. One example was when he appeared before the Queensland Land and Resources Tribunal as an expert witness to give evidence as to the level of greenhouse gases that would be emitted by a mining project. The Tribunal President said that Lowe had overstated the level given in his evidence by a factor of 218. Lowe later countered that he had only overstated the level by a factor of 15! Well close enough I guess for Lowe. Lowe also wants all coal, gas, and nuclear power stations closed in less than 40 years. He thinks we can change the world’s climate by wearing old clothes for another year.

Excerpts from Wishart’s article appear below but do yourself a favour and read the original here and download the audio.

BEAKING NEWS: Top Aussie climate scientist goes feral on skeptics and fellow scientists

One of Australia's most outspoken scientists has this week rubbished the team behind the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, describing the project as nothing more than a "nuclear billiards machine" and saying the money should be devoted to paying for more climate change research instead.

During the hour long media briefing, Lowe

•ridiculed the scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider, saying money would be better spent by climate scientists
•argued that for propaganda purposes the media should hype-up individual weather events - such as floods in Mozambique - as proof of climate change
•claimed Hurricane Katrina was clearly caused by climate change
•claimed a conspiracy of white, Anglo Celtic elderly males was behind the skeptic movement
•with NZ government social scientist Karen Cronin advocated researching how to foment enough anger in the public that governments who refused to take climate action could be "pushed out of the way" in a political upheaval

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