Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

Climate Warriors Unite!

Rebel Climate Scientists Planning Major New Offensive

Let’s do a little role playing for a moment. Imagine you are a genius climate scientist at the top of your game who knows deep down inside your very soul that the world is in for disaster. By 2100 seas will rise by over 5 metres (Hansen), temperatures will rise 1.1-6.4C (IPCC) humans will become extinct this century (too many to mention but how about we start with Prof Peter Barrett), natural disasters are caused by the unnatural actions of humans (IPCC), Himalayan glaciers will vanish by 2035 (IPCC) and of course polar bears are goners. Unfortunately the forces of evil (the public) do not believe you and one anti-doomsdayist went so far as to leak emails from the Climate Research Unit (referred to as Climategate) showing how you and your fellow scientists colluded to misrepresent information, hide the decline, act against the law of FOI and subvert peer review processes amongst other not altogether upstanding actions. You have a problem – how to deal with the alarming growth of non-believers. So the issue is how do you organise round 2 to get the public back on your side? Well to a genius the answer is obvious! Organise politically via the very medium that brought you undone in the first place - more emails! DoH!

Rebel scientists are organising a political campaign via email after being caught out by their own climategate emails less than four months ago. Damn – sprung again! This is too funny. Those pesky little world dominating activists scientists sure are cute. Maybe instead of adopting a polar bear at the zoo we should all adopt a climate scientist. They sure could use the help. I have first dibs on Hansen though OK. He is my favourite science critter. Just so there is no doubt I include on this page a graphic of Hansen that I lifted from Australian Climate Madness. Apparently Hansen was out here in OZ last week but I must have missed it. Pity really. I would love to have seen my science critter on home turf peddling immanent world destruction.

Here is a link to a pdf file of the Climategate V2 emails for your reading pleasure. Get the popcorn and a nice strong coffee and enjoy. Some of the world’s leading doomsdayists are authors of the emails. Heck even Paul Ehrlich (remember him), a doomsdayist's doomsdayist most well known for not ever getting a prediction right in his entire career is there pontificating on the climate misfits next offensive. Naturally the proposed action doesn’t involve any actual science but rather an expensive full page add in the New York Times newspaper. Brilliant stuff. That’s the kind of thinking that could just win you a Nobel Peace Prize. Just add some Power Point slides and you’re a dead certainty for the now thoroughly debased Peace Prize.

The emails do not really show anything that is not already known. They merely confirm that scientists have become political activists with science a long placed second.

While you’re reading climategate2 load up the video below for a summary by a US Senator of the Senate Minority Report dealing with Climategate 1.

Get the actual report here.

For commentary on Climategate2 see here and here.

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