Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top scientist says drought not caused by global warming

Senator Penny Wong, Australia’s Minister for Climate Change and Water, has been claiming that the drought in the Murray Darling (something that has occurred throughout history) is due to global warming. It seems that Australia’s top scientist disagrees.

From today's Weekly Times,

AUSTRALIA'S top climate scientist has contradicted Federal Government claims the drought in the Murray Darling Basin is due to global warming.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lead author, Prof Neville Nicholls, said the claim was not backed by science.

"The current dry period (in the Murray Darling Basin) might still be just a fluke, or natural variability," Prof Nicholls said.

"We cannot confidently attribute it to global warming."

Yet Federal Climate Change and Water Minister Penny Wong has repeatedly claimed the basin's drought is due to climate change.
Penny should have consulted one of those “boring men with no sense of humour that run around in white coats measuring things" (PM Kevin Rudd describing a scientist just in case the use of the word scientist would confuse us) before promulgating more unfounded nonsense. I suppose though that when your credibility is based on disastrous catastrophe caused by man made carbon dioxide one would tend to stretch the truth a little when it steadfastly refuses to play along. How inconvenient (TM).

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