Thursday, December 17, 2009

Connie Hedegaard Resigns as President of Copenhagen Climate Summit

From the UK Guardian,
“A spokesperson for the British prime minister, Gordon Brown, said that the move was not a surprise and had always been planned. He confirmed that Brown, Rasmussen and the Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, had discussed it during a three-hour meeting last night. The three had decided that Rasmussen taking over was the right thing to do to "ramp up" the urgency of the talks for the final three days.”

Photo: Mogens Engelund, Wikipedia

What a bunch of clowns the Leaders of the World are that attend Copenhagen. They couldn’t run a successful school cafeteria. With Connie resigning (i.e. pushed out) and hundreds being arrested the Climate Circus at Copenhagen is a snapshot of what the future will be like under the control of these self appointed leaders of the new CO2 Restricted World. This is how they run their affairs. Imagine how much worse it will be when they run yours.

Meanwhile another World Leader jets into Copenhagen - President Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe gets a free pass from Western countries banning him from foreign travel this being a UN meeting and all. No doubt Mugabe will be able to Save the World with his buddies at Copenhagen. He’s doing such a bang up job of saving Zimbabwe I’m sure he’ll be well worth listening to – bring your note pads. If only Dr Phil Jones could have made it to COP15 the circle would be complete. Unfortunately Phil and a few of his Hockey Team mates have been distracted by another small matter. I wonder how Phil feels being shunned by Copenhagen whilst Mugabe gets welcomed. After all Phil only hid the decline, not corpses. I guess when you play with the big boys you can’t expect to be on the run on team for the whole game when your only a fill in.

It is interesting isn’t it that with the technological know how and unlimited money at their disposal the only thing the self appointed Leaders of the World at Cop15 seem to be able to come up with to Save the World is another tax i.e. wealth distribution. For the mentally challenged wealth distribution is a euphemism for taking an asset by force (ultimately at the pointy end of a gun) from the rightful owner and giving it to someone else. In the case of Cop15 much of the ill gotten stolen loot looks likely to end up in the hands of the elites in such notable places as Africa where I am sure they will hand it all over to their down trodden peoples to install solar powered sewerage systems and the like. Of course emptying your wallet always was and always will be the answer when people invent problems for you and then present you with the solution. Wealth misappropriation is the nocturnal wet dream of all statists. The new Green Religion is their means of getting you to hand them the keys.

I don’t blame the poor countries for co-opting the Copenhagen Circus to extract money. That is what their talents lay. They were promised glittering bagfuls of treasure by the incompetent fools leading the western world as carbon reparations. Who could blame them for squealing a little when the feed trough was removed before the got to sup?

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