Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UN Propoganda - Opening Video to COP15

140 private jets fly in Copenhagen.
1,200 limos.
20,000 hypocrites....

Apparently the UN is claiming now that global warming causes earthquakes. Their propaganda obviously is causing little kids to have nightmares. Check out the COP15 junket's Opening Film. A more insulting and sickening piece of propaganda would be hard to find. No doubt it is all based on the science as re-invented and re-interpreted by the UN, the IPCC and their hanger’s on. How are your carbon footprints delegates? I hear that limo’s are in short supply at Copenhagen. If these guys have a chance in their busy agenda of saving the world I am hoping they can drop by and fix the potholes in my street before they get too carried away, if its not too much to ask. Watch the COP15 video but have something handy to vomit into just in case.

By the way that "15" after "COP" (Copenhagen) means it is the 15th massive 2 week foreign extravaganza of its kind. Others included Nairobi (Kenya), Poznan (Poland), Montreal (Canada), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Milan in Italy.

Interesting isn't it that almost the whole video is a computer generated graphic - a model if you like. Not one fact in it to justify establishment of a world government and a taxing regime that will dwarf anything we have seen or even comprehended to date.

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