Friday, December 11, 2009

SBS Greenhouse Documentary from 1990

I was sent a link to an old documentary by SBS from 1990 on global warming (or greenhouse effect as it was known then). This is a very interesting documentary to view now as it helps put things in their historical perspective. If you want to see where the greenhouse debate was 20 years ago this video is just the ticket. It also illustrates the same problems with the global warming model that are still in serious dispute today e.g. that there is a simple linear relationship between the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and temperature. I found this documentary to be of great interest and recommend that it to anyone wanting to get an overview of the subject. The 5th video is a must see if nothing else as it deals with the influence of funding. Tom Wigley has great difficulty answering a question as to the influence of funding on the science of climatology. With the benefit of hindsight you can see the Climategate affair lay down its roots 20 years ago. The documentary comes in 6 parts available on YouTube.

Let me know if you found these videos useful. I know it is a bit of a download on slower connections with 6 of them in the series but I think it is worth the wait.


Arnold said...

Hi, funny to see that the science has basicly the same problems as it has been in 1990. And it was almost 20 years ago.

So it seems that we are still in a kind of deadlock.

Anonymous said...

This was astonishing. This was made 20 years ago but may as well have been made yesterday.


Charles said...

I found it very informative. It is always good to get some historical perspective.

Michael Larkin said...

Very many thanks for this. As someone else has observed, this is quite astonishing - nothing seems to have changed. It's also, incidentally, probably the best introduction to the issues that I have ever seen.

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