Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Darwin Temperature Data Adjustments

Jo Nova writes,

“If Darwin had some freak local conditions, then we would expect to see the raw data in graphs from other top-end towns as trending much higher. Here are the graphs for Wyndham, Derby, Halls Creek and Broome. The graphs are from WA Climate Net, an excellent data set. Direct, Broome is 1100 km from Darwin, or 690 miles. (By road, it’s 1876 km from Darwin). (Thanks to MapCrow for the distances). I thought I would post these graphs to give people a rough idea of the historical warming across the far tropical north of Australia.”

Jo Nova has quickly released her analysis of Willis Echenbach’s scoop on unexplained adjustments made to the historical temperature data for a key data set used by the IPCC to produce a warming trend. Read the details and examine the data plots on Jo Nova’s website as it raises some very interesting questions about the integrity of data and how it is “processed.” This could be settled very quickly if the IPCC and CRU released its data explaining the justifications to the actual temperature measurements recorded in Darwin over the last century. Somehow I think that we will have a very long wait.

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