Sunday, December 20, 2009

COP15 A Failure: Kevin Rudd Expected to Visit Australia

With the failure of the Copenhagen climate fiasco Australia is bracing for a visit from its PM Kevin Rudd. Kevin was excluded from the inner circle at Copenhagen for final deliberations which would have hurt especially since Rudd was an official "Friend of the Furniture" at Copenhagen. The talks failed even with the bribes on offer to poorer nations. All in all a good outcome for common sense. Australians need to now take stock and make sure clowns like Kevin Rudd will not attempt to destroy their national economy and way of life in a vain attempt to stop the climate changing.

Well it sure has been fun watching the unproductive antics of the climate fools. What better way of getting oneself into the festive spirit than watching Global Climate Lunatics live on YouTube. It started with delegates freezing for 8 hours in a queue to get into the conference and ended with massive amounts of hot air being expended by politicians and their lackeys just before a cold snap in Copenhagen, the UK, US and Australia. President Obama landed in the US to be greated by a massive snow storm. That is poetry. To top it all off no binding agreement was reached. King Canute would have been proud.

COP15 was the world's last chance according to climate alarmists; well at least until next time. See you all in Mexico for a replay!

Housekeeping Update: Due to a hard drive failure this blog will be a little slow for the next couple of weeks as I put together a more robust and massively redundant system. I will also be "upgrading" a lot of software.

One thing is very obvious with Windows 7 v. XP - I need to "upgrade" nearly all my software which is going to cost several thousand dollars just to be able to do the same thing I did before. I will be investigating some open source alternatives however so all may not be lost.

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