Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Legislators Quizzing Penn State on Dr Mann Investigation

It looks like the pressure is building for Climategate scientist Prof Mann. Below is a jpeg of a letter by Senator Piccola to the President of Penn State University. Notice how there is strong funding implication in this letter with the clear meaning that if a proper investigation is not carried out into Prof Mann the funding for the university itself may be questioned by some legislators. The letter states in part,

“The allegations of intellectual and scientific fraud like those made against Dr. Mann are serious against anybody involved in academics, but the impact in this case is significantly elevated. The work of Dr. Mann and other scientists at the CRU is being used to develop economic and environmental policies in states and countries across the world. Considering the saliency of the work being conducted by the CRU anything short of the pursuit of absolute science cannot be accepted or tolerated.”

I strongly suspect the noose is tightening on all involved. If the public mood on global warming is changing and it clearly is, as soon as politicians sniff an electoral backlash there will be about faces and searches for scapegoats. Copenhagen is a circus and it will, as expected, merely result in an agreement to meet again to make an agreement. Recall that in 1989 the UN said the world only had ten years to avoid total global catastrophe. OK well it has been 20 years and I have my life raft pumped up and am still waiting. Don’t they teach the child’s moral about the boy who called wolf anymore?

So just how many times are we going to be told by our aspiring "world leaders" that this is the very last chance to avoid catastrophe.... until next time. I don't recall a WORLD election electing these "leaders of the world" (as I saw them called on a UN web site). Does that mean they are now a collective world dictatorship without a democratic process? How dare they even pretend to be leading the world when they are merely national politicians and leaders of political parties suposedly representing their national electorate or dictatorship depending upon their country of origin.

Click the image of the letter to view a full size version.

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