Sunday, December 6, 2009

Julia Gillard tells Tony Abbott he has just ONE MORE CHANCE

After the liberals voted down one of the most enormous taxing regimes to be dreamt up in recent history namely the Australian Emissions Trading Scheme, it was generally believed that Labor would trigger an election. With the PM away overseas (as usual) it was left to Julia Gillard his 2IC to give Tony Abbott just ONE MORE CHANCE to vote for the ETS on the first sitting day in February 2010. There is no hope that the Liberals will vote for it thank God but the PM, generally known as the Milky Bar Kid (MBK), seem to be in denial. MBK has previously stated that people in denial were dangerous but as I am fearful of a knock on the door from the Stasi if I go further with that theme I will leave it up to the reader's imagination what I might have said if I lived in a Free Country. Without further ado I present you, dear reader, with the Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd (Julia gets her name first as MBK is never around to run the country - I am only reflecting reality) Memorial Countdown Timer to the next time the ETS super duper gunna flog your wallet till it hurts tax scheme is voted down again.

Julia Gillard at least is here to face the public. But where is Kevin?

PS: I was going to do a count down timer to Copenhagen but nobody seems to give a damn about that anymore. I must say I do like that Danny Kaye song though and I bet it will be sung a few times on the trip over by the 90 plus strong Australian delegation - more like an invasion force than a delegation but hey what's four fundred plus thousand kg's of CO2 emmissions between global alarmist friends.

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