Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dr Bob Carter - IPCC Should Be Scrapped

Bob Carter lets the IPCC have it in a recent talk. Finally the ABC has published something from a sceptical scientist. They have a long way to go in that regard.

Here's what Bob had to say,

"Since the original leak in mid-November, which was not covered by the mainstream press, Climategate has surpassed 30 million hits on a Google search

The IPCC is the official UN body that has presided over this fiasco. It is an organisation that was specifically set up to provide advice to national governments (including Australia's) for their use in setting climate policy. The IPCC's incompetence is manifest in its failure to detect the corrupt science that has for so long permeated the activities of the international jetsetters of the climate science power group. The organisation should be closed down (without tears), and the Copenhagen COP-15 meeting would be a good place to start this process happening.

That the global warming scare should turn out to be precisely the scam that climate rationalists have been banging on about for years is shocking enough; many future PhD theses and books will undoubtedly be written about it. Yet it is but the tip of the iceberg so far as the public prostitution of science is concerned. Climategate being currently in full swing, the obvious question is when (not if) the parallel Reefgate, Murraygate and Fishgate scandals will erupt in Australia?

All Australians should contemplate deeply the questions that are raised by the global warming scandal, including the systemic corruption of science and the dereliction of duty by media news organisations that it reveals. Key questions include the following."

Read the full transcript at the ABC.

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ozguru said...

Bob has his head screwed on right. What he says is spot on!

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