Thursday, December 10, 2009

Extinction of Human Race Forecast by Deutsche Banker Kevin Parker

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The crystal ballers are at it again. Mr Kevin Parker is Global Head of Deutsche Bank Asset Management which is responsible for over $500 billion in assets globally. He’s not a scientist but his public prediction published in the New York Times is just too good to let go, what with it being such a slow news day today for global spontaneous combustion and the like.
“People often ask about the costs,” said Kevin Parker, the global head of Deutsche Bank Asset Management, who tracks climate policy for the bank. “But the figures people tend to cite don’t take into account conservation and efficiency measures that are easily available. And they don’t look at the cost of inaction, which is the extinction of the human race. Period.
Period! You got that – nil chance of being wrong, no qualification to his extinction of the human race due to man made global warming predication. The answer is obvious to Kevin, spend trillions of dollars in the next few (US45 trillion to be precise) decades (managed of course by banks) or die!

Kevin wasn't so certain of the extinction of the human species in a speech he gave at the World Future Energy Summit in January this year in Abu Dhabi. Ten months ago he only thought catostrophy was a potential outcome of us reaching a "tipping point". He must have some new information that exctinction is going to inevitably result now.

I’d love to get a commission on that $US45 trillion deal. It’s a no brainer really. Where do I sign up? No doubt Kevin rides a bike to work. Only a hypocrite would want to be responsible for the extinction of the entire human species.

* Picture of end of the world courtesy of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day *


Anonymous said...

You need to put all predictions in context. This extinction prediction was made after the revelation of hundreds of e-mails questioning the climate debate. Mr. Parker, in his professional capacity as head of asset management, might have tremendous financial exposure to the authenticity of the climate debate. This is more about money than climate.

Charles said...

I have no doubt that there may be financial pressure to make such a prediction. The fact is the prediction was made. For even more context let us remember that catastrophic global extinctionists are proposing to hit the public with trillions of dollars of unnecessary taxes, economic disruption and changes in governance. It would appear from your post that the point is the prediction is not a truly held belief but one made for money – please feel free to elaborate as I would like to see where tou are going with this.

If that is correct, then in that context and the fact that that these predictions are promulgated and a substantial proportion of the population, as shown by history, fervently believe in such doomsday prophecies, it is a disgrace to inflict upon people such hideous prophecies that are not based either on a true belief by the prophesier or on scientific evidence.

Of course we know there is no evidence as there are no peer reviewed papers published that show the human race is about to become extinct from global warming. In fact there are no peer reviewed papers published that prove a forcing effect on the climate by CO2 such is the state of the science.

I attribute no motive to Kevin’s prediction however if I read you correctly the motive is money. I am sure many people would not find fault with your proposition.

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