Friday, January 8, 2010

ALERT: The Arctic is Melting! in November 1922

We hear often on the tube and read in the press that we need to worry about the weather because man made global warming is causing “unprecedented” changes such as melting ice in the arctic. I have written before here and here about precedents in the 20th and even 19th centuries where scientists were worried about global cooling, warming, cooling and back to warming again and each time the global thermometer swung down or up and the doomsdayers were predicting ... well, doomsday.

From WUWT and getting a lot of main stream press at the moment in the USA is a copy of an article (below) on the melting ice in the arctic. Only problem is that the article is from the Monthly Weather Review dated November, 1922.

The melting was extensive enough that tours were organised for the wealthy to see this “unprecedented” event.

There are thousands of examples of this if you care to look and I will be posting a few more for your entertainment. It is interesting that you could change the date on that article to 2009 and no one would bat an eyelid. Let’s dispense with this unscientific misstatement of the facts that the current climate is “unprecedented”. It is an “argument” used either by fools or liars when the scientific evidence is that such events are not unprecedented. We’ve seen this nonsense being promulgated with respect to droughts and heat waves here in Australia, with respect to shipping through the arctic and with respect to hurricanes and flooding as if this is somehow unusual. If you think it is unusual please do the gene pool a favour and abstain from having children.

UK MET Director Pawned in BBC Interview

This is a link to a BBC program absolutely slamming the head of the MET in the UK. The so called climatologist is ridiculed in the interview. I was surprised by the video for three reasons:

1. It was the climate doomsdayist BBC that showed it! Even the BBC seems to be jumping ship or at least entertaining the idea of a smidgen of balance.
2. The MET director is being held accountable for past alarmist predictions that were inaccurate – this is a first for main stream media such as the BBC.
3. The interview was brutal without the kid gloves and free rein normally given to alarmists.

The MET director then changed tack and lied about the MET predictions saying that he had predicted cooling when of course the only “prediction” the MET made of any cooling was after the snow started to fall. It seemed to this observer that the TV host knew more about the weather than the director of the MET! It would be a good thing if alarmist climatologists responsible for the massive misallocation of community resources were held responsible and purged from the climate industry populated by politicians and scientists expert in dodgy excel spreadsheets and leave the field to the boring, less glamorous but more valuable qualified practitioners of the good old scientific method.

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