Monday, January 4, 2010

Kyoto Land Grab: No Compensation Payable

The appalling story about Peter Spencer, an Australian farmer who has had his land locked up to provide free “carbon sinks” (as a result of Kyoto) for the government without any form of compensation is bad enough. Peter still pays rates and has spent millions on the property and now watches it turn to weeds. Get the whole story here from Jo Nova. There appears however to be a vicious and very nasty twist to the story so read on.

As if the main story was not bad enough there appears to be a very nasty and insidious last minute twist. I received this email from Leon Ashby on Saturday 2 Jan 2010. American readers might find it hard to believe that property rights can be taken without compensation in Australia but I assure you it is true and I personally know other people in a similar situation. Peter has only days left until the bank seizes the property (which cannot earn an income any longer) and Peter is into his 43 day of a hunger strike having chained himself atop an enormous pole. It is amazing he has survived this long. It appears that the government is using technical measures to stop buses moving people down to Canberra to protest in the Coooeee March for Peter.

Here is the text of the email.

Attempts by NSW Govt to stop Coooeee March

Hi Everyone,

Just in is the news from Steve Truman.

What is happening is people are planning to get to Canberra behind Old Parliament House on Monday at 10.30am to march in support of Peter Spencers protest saying Australia is not a free country any more and we want a royal commission into the injustices concerning the Kyoto protocol & property rights.

Land can now be taken from anyone without Just terms and the fact that Peter Spencer cannot get heard in court despite 200 days attempting to do so is ample evidence the system is not working.

Now we have a NSW state government conspiring to subvert the plans of many people to attend the march by sending out road traffic inspectors to inspect the buses going to the march and thereby either delaying them or putting them off the road altogether. (we are yet to find out what the instructions were precisely)

Steve Truman writes,

I have spoken to COOEE Bus Drive coordinator Bob Jones and he has confirmed that two of the buses that were booked to go - the one from Coffs Harbour and the one from Qirindi have been cancelled due to RTA (Road Transport Authority)harassment.

People who were booked on those buses have now made private travel arrangements and will still be attending the March.

Bob said that he'd received a call from an RTA inspector who was in a motel at Coffs Harbour. Bob was not prepared to release the RTA officers name and number, but he has handed the details on State National party member for Barwon Kevin Humphries who is following the matter up with the minister.

The RTA officer told Bob that 5 inspectors had been dispatched to the North and the West of the state to target the buses heading to Canberra for the COOEE March.

Buses can be held for up to 6 hours in the road side inspection places whilst being assessed for mechanical defects and and driving breaches. It is an outrageous action and as the RTA officer told Bob, they were just following orders from above. Bob told me that Kevin Humphries was also outraged by this and was talking about taking it to the highest possible authorities.

I was under the impression that we lived in a free and democratic country. This is an outrageous Sate Government sponsored attempt to intimidate and disrupt a peaceful demonstration of grass-roots Australian citizens.

If you are not as mad as hell about Peter's situation, than you should be now. It is time for the ordinary citizens of this great country to band together to end this excessive Sate & Federal control of our lives.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics
PO, Box 721, Mt Gambier SA 5290
Ph 0887259561 or 0887235550
This story is getting almost no MSM coverage at all. Although I have seen this happen to others it is a shocking indictment on the Australian system of government. Please read Jo Nova’s article on this that I linked to above for more information.

This can apply to any Australian not only farmers. It has happened to residential land owners thorugh council vegetation protection orders and it WILL become more common as the government makes you pay with your land for the international promises it makes. Contact your MP today if you value your future. This is very serious for all property owners. You will receive NO COMPENSATION for your loss - a life's work wiped out by a government at the stroke of a pen. In ten years time when this becomes much more common it will be very hard to address so the time to address it is now. Theft of assets by government is not something we expect in a democracy but it is now something we in fact have - I urge you to act now by phoning your parliamentary representative and asking how this can happen and what he or she intends to do to adddress the matter for Peter and for all Asutralians who are facing the problem now or will be facing it in the future.

USA readers watch out – this is coming your way. Google “The Little REDD Book” by the UN and Agenda 21. Once in place, and the REDD scheme is already in the Copenhagen Accord which you can read for yourself in an early post on this site, you too will be liable to suffer a similar fate. Spread the word while you still have time. I will update this article with direct links to the REDD book (cute name isn’t it – no doubt in memory of Mao, the killer of tens of millions of his own people) and Agenda 21 in case you have difficulty finding them.

Further updates to come as I link this article to resources.

Update: See also the Freedom Graffiti report.

The ABC has it on their website here as well.

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