Monday, January 25, 2010

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A comment by a reader on WUWT, Martin Brumby on WUWT, Martin Brumby comments on the fake data used by the IPCC in the 2007 IPCC AR4 report which stated Himalayan glaciers would dissapear by 2035.

Martin Brumby (23:54:06) :

We need to remember that this is very far from being the first example of fraud revealed in the IPCC’s reports.

Most obviously our old friend Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick.

But also the Snows of Kilimanjaro, the spread of Tropical Disease into temperate zones, Rising Sea Levels, Species Extinction, Antartica Melting, Increased Hurricane Frequency. The list just goes on and on.

Anthony’s archives of postings on WUWT are stuffed with examples.

A good recent account is (here).

The IPCC isn’t the fruit of the toil of 2000 honest and expert Climate Scientists, which is how it has invariably been portrayed, it is a tendentious and thoroughly dishonest propaganda document designed to mislead and to promote the destruction of the economies of the developed world. And the vast majority of western politicians just went along with it, due to their scientific ignorance and the fact that they had deliberately appointed some of the most egregious Alarmists as their ’scientific advisors’.

The only difference with the Glacier story is the fact that – very belatedly – this has been picked up by a few of the mainstream media.

Nothing else has changed.

We still have a mountain to climb. But at least we’re above the foothills.

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