Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monckton on Australia’s Sunrise Show

It is a brave or stupid person that attempts to debate Christopher Monckton publicly on global warming and climate change. Monckton has an encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject and routinely trashes “qualified scientists” who usually fail to be able to cite and discuss the facts from memory.

Check out this brief “debate” on Australia’s Sunrise show. The interviewer is Koch, a warmist presenter. Even so we see Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) scientists offer himself up to the sacrificial alter that is Monckton and shown to be sadly lacking.

See at around the 2:30 mark on the video where climatologist Ben McNeil after stating that the “science is over; it’s not debateable” becomes speechless opening and closing his mouth repeatedly like a stranded goldfish, but nothing comes out. Perhaps there is nothing inside to come out? After Ben fails to present ANY actual facts conclusively linking greenhouse gas to global warming and even shooting himself in the foot by quoting a 150 year temperature rise that could have nothing to do with industrial activity going back that far (and don’t forget he is a “professional” scientist, Monckton is not, although he is published), Monckton rattles off detailed and fairly complex maths on climatology. Ben, had he been at all prepared and widely read would have known about these facts as I do, and been in a position to discuss them rationally. At near collapse with his self inflicted virtual reality imploding about him, and failing to put forward any actual arguments, Ben childishly reverts to squealing,

“to somehow discredit what we ahh do in our lives, in our professional lives is outrageous!”

Now that’s a withering argument supporting catestrohphic anthropogenic global warming if I ever heard one. Basically Ben is saying, I can’t be wrong and I can’t be questioned! The fact is thousands of scientists, including some of the greatest scientific experts currently living like physicist Professor Emeritus Freeman Dyson do question your “evidence” Ben. Are you saying that Dyson, who is acknowledged as possibly the greatest currently living scientist on the planet, is outrageous because he doesn’t agree with you Ben? That is not an argument Ben. Enough said.

Monckton remains cool and collected throughout whilst calmly demolishing the weak Ben McNeil, professional climatologist, for the audience in the limited time available.

Just after half way through the debate, Ben throws in the towel and turns back to Koch who tries to come to his rescue. Monckton once again scores with telling points.

Just a tip for CAGW scientists who want to step into the ring with Monckton; although you are paid to know your facts by us, the taxpayers of Australia, when you go toe to toe with Lord Monckton you are going to have to stop writing those fanciful papers about global extinction and other global catastrophies and actually know your facts or you are not going to last through the first round.

Ding Ding, Next!

On Monckton's last point where he states of the millions of lives that could be lost through diverting funds from relif and medical aide to a non existant CAGW issue, I iwll be posting two articles by Bill Gates this week, the second of which deals with this very issue. A lot of people in government jobs like scientists seem to have no idea that resources are limited and that diverting even more resources to CAGW will indeed have effects elsewhere. To simplify for CAGW scientists, imagine resources are cookies in a cookie jar. The more you take out the less you have left. Get it?


Anonymous said...

monckton is a powerful speaker . that does not mean his science is correct as a matter of fact its fraudulant. he is yet to debate anyone of consequence. most scientists consider him a crackpot, and not worthy of a reasoned debate. monbiot made plimer look like an evasive fool on the abc . he would do the same to monckton. a big mouth is no substitute for good science

Snozzle said...

The Monbiot Plimer debate on ABC was notable for more than Monbiot's ad hominem attacks and Plimer's poor memory. Tony Jones the Australian ABC TV host gets an honorable mention for another character assasination of non-compliant scientists. He previously smeared Prof. Frederick Singer and gave him no right of reply, in the "Swindle Debate" featuring four skeptics and eight warmists, which was stage-managed behind the scenes by Robyn Williams, the ABC's climate science gatekeeper.

In the Monbiot Plimer debate, both were given roughly equal time of reply. HOWEVER: Monbiot interrupted Plimer an astonishing eighteen (18) times. To which Jones intervened only twice after the event. Jones himself interrupted Plimer three (3) times. Plimer interrupted Monbiot once. Monbiot delighted in ad hominem attacks, calling Plimer a liar and a fraud. Both Jones and Monbiot had the look of cats who had drunken their fill of milk after the mauling. Plimer did not stand a chance.

So to sum it up, it was Tony Jones of the ABC whose abyssmal performance stands out, followed by Monbiot for lack of grace. Plimer would have won by default, but for the STAR performer whom only the alert audience would have observed: the live footage of icy weather on the white snow-covered streets of Copenhagen behind Monbiot's satellite screen.

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