Sunday, January 31, 2010

UN Based Claims on Student Dissertation and Magazine Article

And from the UK press:

UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article.

The United Nations' expert panel on climate change based claims about ice disappearing from the world's mountain tops on a student's dissertation and an article in a mountaineering magazine.

The revelation will cause fresh embarrassment for the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which had to issue a humiliating apology earlier this month over inaccurate statements about global warming.
The IPCC's remit is to provide an authoritative assessment of scientific evidence on climate change.

In its most recent report, it stated that observed reductions in mountain ice in the Andes, Alps and Africa was being caused by global warming, citing two papers as the source of the information.

However, it can be revealed that one of the sources quoted was a feature article published in a popular magazine for climbers which was based on anecdotal evidence from mountaineers about the changes they were witnessing on the mountainsides around them.

The other was a dissertation written by a geography student, studying for the equivalent of a master's degree, at the University of Berne in Switzerland that quoted interviews with mountain guides in the Alps.

Let’s refresh our memories of a few lies that the Chairman of the IPCC Dr Pachauri has told which relates directly to the above embarrassing findings. This is from a meeting of the Commenwealth Club in June 2008,

PACHAURI: “The point is you have a transparent, comprehensive, extremely widespread process involving the best scientists and experts from all over the world telling you that climate change is for real.

“And this is not something that the authors working on IPCC reports have invented. This is based on peer-reviewed literature. That’s the manner in which the IPCC functions.

We don’t pick up a newspaper article and based on that come up with our findings. This is on the basis of very rigorous research which has stood the test of scrutiny through peer reviews.

Well in fact your IPCC does pic up magazine articles and come up with findings Dr Pachauri. You are a liar.

For the missing in action global alarmist, Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, this will be more devastating news that he has yet to address with the Australian people. Recall that in November 2009 Kevin Rudd met with Pachauri in India at Pachauri’s TERI headquarters and committed tens of millions of Australian taxpayer dollars in funding. Refer to this article in The Australian,

During his lightning 36-hour visit to India last month Kevin Rudd met with Dr Pachauri at the TERI headquarters in New Delhi where he announced $71 million in funding for joint Indian-Australian scientific research and fellowship programs.
While the aged in Australia wait for life saving operations and decent aged care, while taxpayers wait for hospital services and Australia’s massive debt remains unpaid, PM Kevin Rudd continues to emit Australian taxpayer dollars to deeply suspect overseas organisations for no benefit to Australians faster than the CO2 emissions are emitted from the exhaust of his jet while he trots around the gloabe embaressing the people of Australia with his sycophantic ways.

Where are you Kevin? You relied on the IPCC assessments for Australia’s climate policy and the expenditure of vast sums of money. What have YOU to say, as Prime Minister, on the continuing revelations re the IPCC? Millions of Australians await your answer with interest – however none of us are holding our breath.

Here’s a screen capture of Kevin meeting with his mate Pachauri in India taken from a video (left of shot) before handing over $71M dollars on behalf of Australian taxpayers.

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