Tuesday, January 5, 2010

World Cycle Tour to Promote Awareness of Global Warming Cut Short Due to Freeze

It keeps getting better. The Global Delusionists are providing enough material for 3 generations of comedians. It could lead to the catastrophic global hilarity in less than 5 years if present trends continue.

Mr Khandekar from India planned to pedal around the world to promote awareness of Global Warming but his plans came unstuck due to record freezing conditions in Europe as reported in the Hundustan Times.

Though Khandekar had planned a 282-day trip, he had to cut short his trip due to record cold conditions.
“While I was in Europe, there was heavy snowfall due to which I cancelled part of my trip. Though I had warm clothes on, there were times when my feet would be frozen,” he said.
Not to be outdone Mr Khandekar plans to look for sponsors and do another trip next year.
“No one was ready to sponsor my tour this time. I hope I get sponsors next time so that I can spread more awareness among the people,” Khandekar said.
That’s either a brilliant idea or ... not.

In my next scoop tomorrow I will show catetrophic alarmist scientists blaming Global Warming for freezing weather killing Peruvians (I kid you not). Do these scientists have the right to vote? That is a cause for concern.

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