Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Extreme Weather linked to Demonic Powers

In today's Australian newspaper Frank Furedi looks at global warming climate change extreme weather and witchcraft.

Frank Furedi, Professor of sociology at the University of Kent

Throughout history people have sought to blame unusual climatic conditions on demonic forces. What the association of witchcraft with weather-making accomplished was to mobilise people's fears against the evil forces of heretics and non-believers. Scaremongering about witchcraft promoted the idea that its demonic powers could literally dominate nature. Father Friedrich Spee, a Jesuit critic of witch-hunting, noted sarcastically that "God and nature no longer do anything; witches, everything". But such beliefs were no joke. A late winter in the province of Treves in the 15th century led to more than 100 people being burned at the stake.

See the full article in the Australian.

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