Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reduced Emission Sheep May Hold Key To Global Warming in Australia

Vital studies into the menace of burping and farting sheep are being carried out in Australia and may hold the key to saving the world from catastrophic climate change. Scientists in Australia are measuring sheep burps by enclosing sheep in containers and counting and measuring their deadly burps. Presumably the scientists are standing outside the container while all this gassing is going on. Similar studies investigating farting cattle have also been carried out.

It is suprising that New Zealand doesn't have the jump on Australia on scientific investigations into sheep burping but obviously they are content to fiddle while Rome burns. Telephone calls placed with the office of Penny Wong, Australia's Minister for Changing the Climate, questioning whether a cardigan tax is being considered for the next budget have not been returned.

Although no deaths have been directly linked in humans to a burping sheep or farting bull, excessive out gassing by these noxious yet delicious animals may contribute to the likelihood of the planet erupting in catastrophic global warming/climate change/extreme weather.

Scientists hope to produce a strain of sheep that burps and farts less and will be essential to Australia’s future agricultural well being. A CSIRO map of total emissions from burping and farting Australian livestock produced in 2000 by Australia’s peak science body, the CSIRO, is reproduced below.

This vital research follows amazing studies by Australia’s CSIRO into termite out gassing. Termites are another species emitting gases contributing to worldwide greenhouse emissions so it is essential we measure the emission output of termites. I couldn’t find a map of termite farts but I will be sure to link to it when such a document becomes available.

Emmissions from Australian Livestock - CSIRO 2000

Now that is what I call bang for our scientific buck.

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