Monday, January 4, 2010

Climategate Helping Scientists Speak Out

In an insightful article noted American commentator Robert Bradley Jr examines the way Climategate has emboldened many professional people including scientists to “come out” and challenge the catastrophic alarmism of the main stream global warming crowd such as professors Mann, Hansen, Barrett and others who predict catastrophic consequences within 90 years up to and including the extinction of the human race.

Climategate: Here Comes Courage! (Is climate catastrophism losing its ‘politically correct’ grip?)

by Robert Bradley Jr

The times are changing in the wake of Climategate. And more is to come as the polluted science embedded in the email exchanges gets reviewed by talented amateurs and pros alike on the blogosphere (see Climate Audit, Roger Pielke Jr., and WattsUpWithThat, in particular).

Given time, the rethink will go mainstream. Scientists are truth seekers at heart, but an entrenched mainstream of climate scientists–so many of them friends and political allies–will need to be nudged out of their denialism.
Old voices are challenging their ‘mainstream’ colleagues, and new voices are coming forth. I have seen this clearly here in Houston (examples below), and I expect it is happening elsewhere.

The full article can be found on Master Resource which is a very high end blog by leaders in their fields that deserves careful attention.

I also get the feeling that the tide has turned. I do not fool myself into believing that the statist green-red appropriators will not rgroup quickly as after all they have much of the UN behind them and billions of our dollars in their war chest. The catestrophic alarmist scientists are really the small fish. The big fish are the mechanisms already in place in the UN. Institutionalised mechanisms and he money that goes with them are extremely difficult to defeat and it will take nothing short of a massive upwelling of public opinion to retain what little is left of private property and economic freedom and the wealth that it creates.

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